Easter In Oaxaca Mexico

An aerial view shows that despite the semi-arid landscape, communities along the Oaxaca valley in Mexico are thriving.
A family walks home from the Tenejapa, Mexico market a few days before Easter carrying heavy loads of blankets and supplies. The road to their village was recently washed out in a storm, so they must walk nearly four hours to get home.
A young child screams out in the Zaachila market. Prior to annual Easter festivities, public markets across Mexico are often full of holiday shoppers.
A Mexican butcher falls asleep next to his cuts of meat for sale in the Larrainzar market.
Villagers sell dried corn in a wheelbarrow at the Zaachila market in Mexico.
A commotion catches the attention of wary shoppers at the Zaachila market in Mexico.
A shopper passes by as a blind busker reaches out for his can of donations in the Oaxaca market in Mexico.
A group of men dressed in traditional Easter clothes gather together in Tenejapa, Mexico.
A Mexican village dignitary from Tenejapa wears a unique hat during Easter that signifies his rank and status.
Strong men drag heavy wooden crosses through the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico during Easter.
A graphic statue of a deceased Jesus is displayed outside a church during Easter in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Stylized skeletons are sold as decoration in the Oaxaca market in Mexico during Easter and Día de los Muertos festivities in November.
Villagers rub cotton balls on the wounds of a crucified Jesus statue that has been taken down from its usual resting place above the altar during Easter in Tenejapa, Mexico.
Crowds mingle in front of Santo Domingo church in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Easter processions including an effigy of Mary weeping over a deceased Jesus carried by masked men wind their way through the crowded streets of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Men with conical hoods stand guard over a statue of Jesus through the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico during Easter.
Village women from Oaxaca, Mexico carry a statue of Mary through the streets during Easter.
Villagers from Zaachila, Mexico drink shots of homemade grain alcohol and grimace in pain from the strong drink during Easter celebrations.
An elderly drunk Mexican man without shoes lies helpless in a San Cristobal street during Easter celebrations.
A stark graveyard near San Cristobal in Chiapas, Mexico lies quiet during Easter.
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